365 Project - Week 11

365 Project - Week 11

67 : Mar 8

Game night. We played a few different games. I don’t remember the names of either. The first photo is of a game that was slightly broken. The second photo was a race game to the end and I almost won, it was so close. A rare thing for me when learning something new.

68 : Mar 9

We saw Captain Marvel. I enjoyed it (Readus does a great review of it). Goose is obviously the best character.

69 : Mar 10

Let’s just not talk about how this is day 5 of my bagel addiction. Instead we’ll chat about how I signed up for their app and got a free drink after five visits. That was cool. Also I’ve figured out a drink I enjoy, it’s called a vanilla reindeer.

70 : Mar 11

This day didn’t go at all as planned but that’s okay. Instead we got sushi and tried out our new hoodies. It’s the first hoodie I’ve ever seen Kevin wear and while this will probably be the only time you’ll catch us wearing them at the same time. They are from La’Ron Readus and his 101 series.

71 : Mar 12

A little behind the scenes shooting for you today. The photos turned out lovely.

72 : Mar 13

I’ll be honest my motivation to go out and shoot has been pretty much nil. I want to because I want good photos for this project but I also am tired and just want to curl up with a good book and ignore the world. This book was really good. I really enjoyed it and I need to purchase it for my personal library. This page probably wasn’t the best page to showcase but it’s where I was at the time of drinking my reindeer.

73 : Mar 14

Skype date with my bestie. It’s a good day.

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