365 Project - Week 12

365 Project - Week 12

74 : Mar 15

Phantom of the Opera, one of my favorites growing up, finally seen in real life. Worth every penny, though we probably won’t see it again.

75 : Mar 16

Trying something old at a new place. Aerial yoga, super easy compared to the circus aerial things I have been doing but easy in a good, my back feels stretched perfectly way.

76 : Mar 17

We went out, got bagels, went to a class and came home to play games together. But for some reason my body just wanted to rest and sleep. So I laid on the couch switching between watching and sleeping when I would have preferred playing.

77 : Mar 18

The only picture I took today. An accidental one when moving my camera.

78 : Mar 19

A project that I am working on. I have no idea how it’s going to turn out.

79 : Mar 20

I am ready for some full time sun. I miss the sounds of the birds and my morning sunbeams but it’s slowly coming back.

80 : Mar 21

Today is the day I do chores. At least that is whats suppose to happen. I did laundry and put it away. I really should dust, but I doubt that will happen.

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