365 Project - Week 13

365 Project - Week 13

81 : Mar 22

When the shower at the gym has more reliable hot water than your apartment. I really want to buy a house. It’s so hard to be patient sometimes.

82 : Mar 23

We had so many plans for today and then the anxiety crept up and destroyed most of them. So we rolled with it, got ice cream instead, and curled up on the couch. Anxiety sucks but having a partner who accepts it makes it better.

83 : Mar 24

One bagel every day for the last 18 days. This time they made a mistake and put honey almond smear on cinnamon sugar bagel instead of strawberry. This time I was also brave enough to ask how they dive the tips so I can start tipping properly. Either way, I know the staff and they know me… it’s weird.

84 : Mar 25

These cute little guys were so tempting… if their pot had matched my color scheme I probably would have done it.

85 : Mar 26

Four empty planters. My goal is to fill these by June with new plant babies.

86 : Mar 27

Nothing beats flying in the bright blue sky.

87 : Mar 28

This is probably one of the worst photos I have ever taken for this project. And it’s not even from this day. It’s from the day before, because I got distracted and didn’t really take any. I chose this photo because it represents change. Kevin and I have changed in some many ways since moving to Madison and I like who we are becoming.

Happy Friday!

How was your week?

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