365 Project - Week 14

365 Project - Week 14

88 : Mar 29

My birdies are back! Now I just need to work on my focus so I can get closer shots of them. It’s lovely waking up to them in the morning again.

89 : Mar 30

Weekends are a little different than five years ago. Up before 8. Out the door and eating bagels by 830. Home an hour later. It’s a rather nice way to start a morning with my favorite person.

90 : Mar 31

Morning light, morning shadows, a showering of dust, a plant saddened by the lack of water, laundry to the side, and a window not yet opened.

91 : Apr 1

This month I’ve signed up for some more aerial circus class. Slings twice a week, lyra twice a week, and trapeze. I’m gonna be sore and also so happy! Flying is awesome.

92 : Apr 2

Not perfect but one hundred percent made by me.

93 : Apr 3

Overwatering has cause his leafs to fall and for mealy bugs to move in. Having plants is hard and I am not sure if I am going to attempt “gardening” again this year as it never seems to turn out. I think waiting until I have an actual outside space would probably be better. But… who knows what I’ll actually do.

94 : Apr 4

Look at all these robins! This is how many stuck around after I drove up. They are after the fruit on these trees. Robins were a rare things in Calgary but here there are tons! I hope to have one of these trees so I can attract a bunch of Robins to my yard!

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