365 Project - Week 15

365 Project - Week 15

95 : Apr 5

Today I got my hair done. It has been awhile, since January 11. I’ve been loving the faded pink and now it’s just a fresh cotton candy color.

96 : Apr 6

Today we had plans but they fell by the wayside, due to other things and so we ended up buying a new video game and sitting down together to play it.

97 : Apr 7

Doing something new today. Showed up extra early and sat in the car enjoying the sound of the rain.

98 : Apr 8

Have to keep reminding myself that this is not a movie. Fog is a real thing and it’s beautiful and slightly creepy to watch sometimes.

99 : Apr 9

I’ve been thinking about shadows a lot lately. Sean Tucker got me thinking about it last week actually and day 90, I found a shadow to play with and then again for today. I sat down at my coffee shop and the shadows spoke. This isn’t a great picture but I do love this exploration and I hope to do more of it as summer comes. Also it is so hard to not just have a bagel picture for everyday of this project. It’s an easy picture to take and I think it will be challenging to find a way to express my current bagel obsession in different ways. You can see more bagels on day 65, 69, and 83.

100 : Apr 10

I’ll be honest. After two days of sunbeams this did not make me happy. I have enjoyed the winter and snow very much but I am definitely ready for spring now and this took me by surprise. It’s not as bad as Calgary getting snow in July or September… but it still isn’t any fun. At least it wasn’t 15 inches like in other parts of Wisconsin.

101 : Apr 11

Today is just one of those days where things are fine but you are off. It started with my not falling asleep until 4am. Then Kevin accidentally waking me up when he got up to get ready for work at 6am. Which spurred me out of bed and into the shower, hoping for some relief of some very tight muscles. Then it was out for a bagel and tea, the car dealership, and the eye doctor. Nothing wrong with any of these things but they all added up to a long nap when I did get home.

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