365 Project - Week 16

365 Project - Week 16

102 : Apr 12

Our car is a complete and utter disaster but don’t look at the mess. Look at the two drinks… there’s TWO! One is what I paid for a medium reindeer, which literally consists of milk, sugar, vanilla, and sugar. The other is a large reindeer that I did not pay for nor request but got anyways because the staff made an extra and told me to take it home too. My stomach can not handle two of these and my brain can’t handle how dirty my car is. But I am not doing anything about either of those things.

103 : Apr 13

The perfect spot for a hot drink, a book, and most importantly a bagel.

104 : Apr 14

I have never been to a boys and girls club before. I’m taking a new class at one and while it’s dark and slightly dingy, it’s also inspiring. There’s art work everywhere that’s beautiful and not full of white people. The place is clearly well loved and it makes me miss my old volunteer gigs. When I was volunteering I was always surrounded by people who were doing their best and trying to better the world and this place reminds me of that. It’s also not something you often see in a workplace.

105 : Apr 15

Found a sunbeam and stayed in it until I was thoroughly cooked through. It was exactly what I needed.

106 : Apr 16

So happy with how these four have turned out. Fingers crossed they are ready next week for the final steps… Pottery takes a lot of patience and I am struggling with that.

107 : Apr 17

To be honest this week hasn’t been that great. It started with getting to dizzy on Sunday, which has lead to major nausea that night and leading through into Monday. I didn’t sleep well but it was a manageable amount. Tuesday was a very busy day between pottery class, driving Kevin to a bunch of appointments, and then feeling rushed to get to my Lyra class it was too much. Now it’s more nausea, migraines, and definite flu like symptoms that let me get approximately three hours of sleep and has lead into a weird Wednesday. I have things too do but I am not sure how far I am going to get on those things. I still find myself on my mat daily but when I’m feeling off it’s for a lot longer and involves all the props. I’m at this stage were I feeling like I’m listening to what my body needs but what I think and do doesn’t seem to be connecting.

108 : Apr 18

I suspect there will be more bird pictures in my future.

What I read

Race, Faith, + Feminity with Yassmin Abdel-Magied
Why Your Next Beach Vacation Should Be at a Black-Owned Bed & Breakfast
I Spent the Entire Weekend Without My Phone and This is What I Learned - I have some rules regarding my phone and so this isn’t necessary for me, but sometimes when I’m hanging out with people, I wish they had rules too.
Why Is It so Hard to Make New Friends as an Adult?
Circus Body Shaping
I’m in Love and It’s Really Boring
It Takes a Village to Make a Monster
A Home Is More Than a House. Sometimes It’s Also a Red Sauce Restaurant
Why You Need to Stop Saying “All Lives Matter”
A twitter story about dirty dishes - I need to tune into this to see if there’s more next week.
Reaction of the rich to Notre Dame fire teaches us a lot about the world we live in - “Brick and mortar and stained-glass might burn, but they do not bleed, and they do not starve, and they do not suffer. Humans suffer”

Happy Friday!

How was your week?

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