365 Project - Week 17

365 Project - Week 17

109 : Apr 19 - phone

I almost didn’t remember to take a picture. The flu is in full swing. I am not enjoying it. I took this picture two minutes before we shut everything down and went to bed.

110 : Apr 20 - camera

Another day of the flu. I had so many plans today. A hike, some d&d, and a night out with a friend. Instead I worked at keeping my food down and not hurting myself when coughing.

111 : Apr 21 - phone

Kevin had to wash this one window because a bird decided to use it.

112 : Apr 22 - camera

Might not be the politest picture but it is an accurate way I feel about going on antibiotics for the third time in six months. This time it feels worse. I’ve missed two classes I’ve paid for and that’s basically throwing money away.

113 : Apr 23 - camera

Summer use to be my favorite time of year. But spring… might be taking over. I just love the breeze in the morning and going out into the freshest air but in a light sweater. It’s lovely.

114 : Apr 24 - camera

Plant watering day. There’s a new baby in there somewhere and a new addition. Eventually I’ll write some plant stories.

115 : Apr 25 - phone

After spending a week sick - aka coughing up a lung and throwing up at least once a day. I am finally on the mend. The best part about being on the mend was getting a massage and all that tense from illness being pushed away. However they put me in a couple’s room and that was a little bit weird.

What I read

TSA Agents Say They’re Not Discriminating Against Black Women, But Their Body Scanners Might Be
Hair braiders in New Jersey are at constant risk of losing their jobs - As someone who went to hair school and choose not to get her license I find this topic very interesting. I don’t think these ladies should be considered cosmetologist. No use of chemicals, there’s no requirement to learn how to braid. It’s completely separate in my mind and I hope that the new laws are passed to help them out.
Why Do We Get Columbine So Wrong?
Indoctrination: A History of Homophobia in Schools
Decluttering Friendships: When Is It Time to Let Go?

Happy Friday!!

How was your week?

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