365 Project - Week 18

365 Project - Week 18

116 : Apr 26 - phone

I think my love for bagels will never go away but I also might not be going daily anymore. It was good while it lasted.

117 : Apr 27 - phone

Today was Independent Book Store Day. I had planned on dropping by two different ones, but the panic hit first and then the snow so we only made it to one.

118 : Apr 28 - phone

The Poke place we wanted to go to was closed, so we came to this one instead. It disappointed. The salmon was flavorless, the avocado was guac, and toppings not requested were added.

119 : Apr 29 - camera

It was good but still not exactly right. Also my tummy is still not up for anything fun, booze or food wise and that kinda sucks.

120 : Apr 30 - phone

One day I’m going to look back at this and wonder whatever was so hard about going in a circle around the lyra. At least I hope there’s a one day for that feeling. (also on instagram)

121 : May 1 - camera

I’ve been craving yogurt, peaches, and granola. So that’s what I’ve been enjoying. I do miss my bagels though and might get one for lunch.

122 : May 2 - camera

We’re still using hello fresh. It’s been over a month now and while I am happy to have the service, their timing is off. For example, meal takes 30 minutes but oven baked potatoes take 25 minutes to cook, 5 minutes to prep, and the oven 15 minutes to heat… I am annoyed that they never consider the pre-heat time. Also they never cook the meat long enough, I always end up cooking it four to eight minutes longer.

What I read

When Slaveowners Got Reparations
Yoga Instructor Jessamyn Stanley: Diet Culture Is What Makes People Want To Be Unhealthy, Not Body Positivity
A Comprehensive Guide to Detoxing Your Household Products
Cooking w/HelloFresh #IHateCooking and “White People Food” Is Creating an Unattainable Picture of Health - the first link takes you to a video by Jouelzy in which she makes a comment about how white people put sour cream in everything. The comment struck me, as someone who recently has been using hello fresh, I had just made the comment about how everything in their dishes included sour cream and how it was rather repetitive and uninspiring (though they do sometimes make a pretty decent sauce). Hearing her call it white food was interesting to me. Follow up with the next article, it makes me wonder what other options are out there and how I can go about changing my perspective.
May Day: Immigration activists march for an end to big-tech contracts with ICE

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