365 Project - Week 19

365 Project - Week 19

123 : May 3 - phone

I went to a mermaid brunch and it was the best. You can see more on this post and my Instagram.

124 : May 4 - camera

I went on an adventure to a garden house. It was a little bit stressful but also so much fun.

125 : May 5 - camera

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring. The lightening bright, the thunder loud. But he still didn’t wake.

126 : May 6 - phone

I had the choice of not doing anything and then being frustrated because I won’t have the car the next day and staying home. Or getting all my errands done even though I didn’t want to go out and deal with people. I choose to go out and get it done. My reward were those amazing buns you see on the bottom, full of rosemary and I melt butter all over them. Delicious.

127 : May 7 - phone

Because I did all my errands yesterday, I was able to just chill today. I read a book, it made me cry, which lead to a migraine. But it didn’t stop me from going to class.

128 : May 8 - phone

I used to love going to shows and this one was really amazing. However now I just find myself easily tired by the crowds and frustrated with sitting by people who talk during the show (Americans are way worse for this than Canadians) or having the person sit beside you take up the entire arm rest without care. Being home is just better.

129 : May 9 - phone

It’s been a few weeks but it’s a work in progress.

How was your week?

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