365 Project - Week 2

365 Project - Week 2

4 : Jan 4

My memories of this place were fantastic. Good pasta and a bread bar. The bread bar would have four to five different kinds of bread and three different kinds of butter. You grab what you want and grill it to perfection, then enjoy. The bread bar lived up to expectation, but the pasta and the service did not, which is sad.

5 : Jan 5

17 Days of traveling, hanging out with people, celebrating, and we are finally home. Exhausted but happy. Canada might be where we are from but Wisconsin is our home.

6 : Jan 6

We grabbed breakfast before going grocery shopping. The sad thing is, it was a terrible breakfast and my hot water never showed up floaty free.

7 : Jan 7

Welcome to the family little African Violet.

8 : Jan 8

First full day in the office working. Between editing future blog posts and pictures it was a good place to be.

9 : Jan 9

Glasses shopping for Kevin. The same girl that helped me a year ago was there and I think we picked out a nice pair.

10 : Jan 10

Massage day

This week’s what I read is longer than normal because I’ve been putting off reading this until we got home. We’re home and here’s what I’ve read since

Jassamyn Stanley on Moving Beyond Body Positivity
I’m One of the Millennials Not Prioritizing Sex — It’s Not a Bad Thing - ”Our needs are individual” and “Maybe the real problem, then, isn’t with how little sex young people are having, but the overvaluing of sex in the first place.”
The Traumatic True History and Name List of the Dakota 38 and The Trials & Hangings
Indigenous Ally Toolkit
44 Compelling Reasons to Stop Dieting Now
What I learnt in 2018
Comicsgate: Alt-right fan boys go after women in world of comics
”Yoga teachers” with pretty instagram accounts are selfish, manipulative pieces of shit - read the caption that goes with it. I need to figure out where I stand and what to do.
My year of reading African women, by Gary Younge
White Women’s Role in School Segregation
'Impromptu fight club' in Montgomery County has youths on edge - The mom and youth in this are people I kinda know and this makes me so angry.

Happy Friday!

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