365 Project - Week 20

365 Project - Week 20

130 : May 10 - phone

Strawberry, Raspberry, Pear.

131 : May 11 - phone

So thankful for moments with these guys.

132 : May 12 - camera

If it wasn’t for Hello Fresh, we probably won’t be eating anything decent today.

133 : May 13 - camera

A new toy arrived today and it did not work out. Curious if the smaller version will, but now I have to wait for it to arrive.

134 : May 14 - camera

Best summer night snack. Not that it’s summer yet. But it’s coming

135 : May 15 - phone

This photo just makes me wish I had taken my time more and gotten the shadows better.

136 : May 16 - camera

Catch up time

Happy Friday!

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