365 Project - Week 21

365 Project - Week 21

137 : May 17 - phone

Summer dark, summer short. Maybe I’ll show you later in the week.

138 : May 18 - phone

Caturday event. It was fantastic and this was one of my favorites.

139 : May 19 - phone

I love the rain but also hate the rain. Rain is beautiful to watch

140 : May 20 - phone

1. I want this tree. 2. I want to know what it is.

141 : May 21 - phone

The monkey is not judging me, right?

(also here’s my new hair color!)

142 : May 22 - phone

I was too afraid to get up and grab my camera for this photo. Wanted to capture him before he flew away. He was a chatty little thing.

143 - May 23 - phone

They’re perfect (marley'smonsters)

What I’ve Read

I’ve Only Had One Romantic Partner. Am I Missing Out? - I love how you can have different kinds of relationships with the same person. Well written article.
A Thread of Studies, the abortion conversation
The 8 White Identities

Happy Friday!
How was your week?

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