365 Project - Week 22

365 Project - Week 22

Weeks like this are always awkward. We are traveling and so it’s harder to upload. This trip, specifically I am trying hard to not be on social media or even really pay attention to the blog and that makes this series harder to do. So I am not going to be specific and later in the month I’ll write more. For today, enjoy these pictures and tell me how your week was!

144 : May 24 - phone

Mount Rushmore

145 : May 25 - phone

Old Faithful Gyser

146 : May 26 - phone

The sunsets on this trip have been pretty epic.

147 : May 27 - phone

Seattle, not here long enough and it sucks not getting to visit everyone would have liked. But we did see a few things.

148 : May 28 - phone

A yellow rose, to call up memory. I just don’t think mine were what the preacher had in mind.

149 : May 29 - phone

This dude was half in the truck and half out. Just happily enjoying the wind and watching cars fly past.

150 - May 30 - phone

We’ve had a lot of great hotels this trip and for that I am thankful. Life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies but it is still pretty damn good.

Happy Friday! How was your week?

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