365 Project - Week 23

365 Project - Week 23

151 : May 31 - phone

The last day of our trip and we ran into a lot of flooding. Is this the greatest picture? Nope, but nerves were high and we just wanted to not be driving anymore.

152 : June 1 - camera

The accidentally photo. This was the only stop that wasn’t closed due to rain and we had perfect timing for arriving. It was bright and sunny. I’ll write more about it in a few weeks!

153 : June 2 - phone

Screen grab from a video of my Trapeze class. I have missed flying so much.

154 : June 3 - camera

After ten days of travel and not enough moving my body is sore and achy for all the wrong reasons. So I spent an hour rolling it out with all the props.

155 : June 4 - camera

Donuts because foods an issue and these actually sounded good.

156 : June 5 - phone

It’s been a struggle to find a place that does hot water and lemon well. A thing not complicated but that most shops can not seem to do at all. Sonny’s was exceptional. We’ll be going back.

157 : June 6 - phone

Kevin has been telling me about this sandwich for months. So I finally dragged myself out to try it and it was delicious.

Day 157

What I read - I didn’t have this last week, so lots of links this week!

Mermaid Mania 2019 - my teacher Jess is competing, please vote for her! You’ll find her under Jess C | Wisconsin and you can read about what classes I take of hers here (though I need to do an update on it!). She also hosted the Mermaid Brunch I went too.

The Joker should have been a woman a twitter thread by Geraldine DeRuiter - the thread that follows. The thread is kinda insane, the threats and fragility of men.
Shocked by the rise of the right? Then you weren’t paying attention by Gary Younge
When a White Company Wears Blackface by Dr. Kristian H
US Demands Social Media Details from Visa Applicants
Wife, Mother, Prisoner by Doreen Caven - such a great read
Mistakes were made but not by me by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson
The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
Permenopause - I still want to know more.

Happy Friday!! How was your week?

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