365 Project - Week 24

365 Project - Week 24

158 : June 7 - camera

Game night. Bringing some Canadian snacks.

159 : June 8 - camera

One of my favorite comics. We finally got the books, you should check out her work. She is lovely.

160 : June 9 - camera

Just life, it’s pretty fantastic.

161 : June 10 - phone

If you haven’t been to mods, you should go. It’s the best pizza around.

162 : June 11 - camera

Patio time.

163 : June 12 - phone

Dear Lyra, I have missed you. It’s been far too many weeks.

164 : June 13 - camera

There are brown cranes there in the middle. They are such a beautiful bird and I would love to have a zoom lens on my camera on day to get a closer look at these majestic creatures.

I read these articles this week

My aunt and uncle’s final immigration meeting - I just can’t even. If you can support other immigrants please do, because this should not happen.

To be honest I’ve read so much this week, that my heart couldn’t handle all the terror in the world and I decided to go off line on Tuesday. Yup it took Monday and Tuesday morning to hit that level. Not good. Be kind to one another and have a lovely day and seriously pass it on. If you have the capacity do something good for the world.

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