365 Project - Week 25

365 Project - Week 25

165 : June 14 - phone

Loving the new space, the taller sling, and my growing strength.

166 : June 15 - camera

The most delicious risotto balls I’ve had so far.

167 : June 16 - phone

Trapeze class had blindfolds as the challenge. It was a lot more fun than I expected and it’s totally something I would do again.

168 : June 17 - phone

The dove is back. I need to figure out a good way to feed the dove family.

169 : June 18 - phone

I went on an ice cream adventure with a friend. Salted Caramel with cashews and slivers of chocolate. It was delicious.

170 : June 19 - camera

Supernatural has announced their final season, so I’m watching it again. I think previously I made it to season 6 before getting bored and moving on. So we shall see.

171 : June 20 - phone

Clouds sure were beautiful today.

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