365 Project - Week 26

365 Project - Week 26

172 : June 21 - phone

I got two plant babies for $2.99. I think they will be an interesting addition to the mantel.

173 : June 22 - phone

Whole foods for breakfast.

174 : June 23 - phone

I so want to try one of these, specifically the chocolate, but it would be a terrible idea.

175 : June 24 - phone

Madison is beautiful, full of greenery and warm showers. Even in a construction zone.

176 : June 25 - phone

You can see the whole thing but this is a kingdom hearts sword umbrelle, showcased by the lovely Nikki.

177 : June 26 - phone

This is one of my favorite types of class, choose your own adventure and learn to make it beautiful. It is so much hard but so much fun.

178 : June 27 - phone

I headed out to the lake for some paddleboarding. But first my GPS took me to the wrong spot and then a storm blew in.

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