365 Project - Week 27

365 Project - Week 27

179 : June 28 - camera

Pineapple the fruit of summer. At least for me

180 : June 29 - phone

Our second time out kayaking.

181 : June 30 - phone

And the storm came pounding down. It was fabulous.

182 : July 1 - camera

Potted my two new babies and watered them all. Attempting to propagate. Will see how that goes.

183 : July 2 - phone

Just some paddle boarding on a windy day!

184 : July 3 - camera

Just a little something the teachers of my trapeze class made for our “graduation.” It’s adorable and I kinda love that I’ve got it hanging from my dragon.

185 : July 4 - phone

Day on the water. Best place to be.

What I read

A good video on self care
Immigration - Know Your Rights

Happy Friday!
I hope this week was a good one for you

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