365 Project - Week 3

365 Project - Week 3

11 : Jan 11

Today’s perfect mix of colors

12 : Jan 12

We might be sick but he’s storing up for when he’s not. I think we're both glad to be home and can’t wait for these colds to go and life can go fully back to “normal”

13 : Jan 13

I wasn't trying to capture the people but I was trying to capture a sense of this place. I love spending time here and one day I'll be a little braver.

14 : Jan 14

All I know is that being upside down is amazing and I probably going to be posting more aerial things from now on.

Day 14

15 : Jan 15

The colds are still here but easier than they were last week. As such it’s a big laundry day. Every blanket, tower, and piece of clothing is being cleansed. All the windows are being opened and the carpet vacuumed. I am pushing through to air this house out and bring in some freshness.

16 : Jan 16

This book was missing one name but it also had a lot of names I was happy to see included. Chimanda Ngozi Adichie was one of those names. I hope to see future versions of this book with more names I know. I also need to know more people to gift this series too. This is book two of the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. Have you read any of them?

17 : Jan 17

I ordered a book of the 365 Project for 2018. The quality of the book is pretty terrible and I am sad but the idea is pretty awesome. The company I ordered it through are reprinting it and I hope it works out because I really want this to work.

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