365 Project - Week 4

365 Project - Week 4

18 : Jan 18

It feels like ages since I’ve woken up, opened the blinds, and seen such a beautiful sky.

19 : Jan 19

Yesterday’s beautiful sunrise brought a ton of snow. It’s beautiful and fluffy and I am loving it. Also look at the sparkles you can get with the right lens, angle, and bit of light.

20 : Jan 20

Have I mentioned how much I love snow?? Not the cold... just the white Wisconsin fluff.

21 : Jan 21

I've been craving bread and so I made some. It was delicious. This is a close up. (recipe)

22 : Jan 22

This week and for the next six I am trying something new. My creations are on the right. Apparently I make very shallow bowls.

23 : Jan 23

Slowly capturing the snow the way I envisioned.

24 : Jan 24

I bought a eyeshadow palette. It’s beautiful… now let’s see what I can do with it.

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