365 Project - Week 41

365 Project - Week 41

278 : October 5

I made apple turnovers. They were delicious and turned out far better than I expected. I kinda want to make then again but would like a better way of cutting out the dough first. If you have any suggestions let me know!

279 : October 6

This candle is starting to show it’s true colors.

280 : October 7

Out for brunch

281 : October 8

It’s been far too many days since I actively took my camera outside with the intent to take photos. I have been keeping up on the daily photos but more often than not I am using my phone. Currently debating on whether or not I want to change the challenge rules for next year to be only with my camera and not my phone. I have a feeling it will mean many more photos inside but it might challenge me more creatively.

282 : October 9

Migraine life, current solution - yoga mat with legs up the wall with bolster under the low back, diffuser with calm essential oils, and complete darkness except the diffuser soft light.

283 : October 10

The big laundry day, all the blankets, sheets, towels. Once a month, three loads, and lots of before washing prep and after wash prep.

284 : October 11

Dentist Office - for some reason this visit was stressing me out so much that I couldn’t sleep. I managed to last look at the clock at 5:45 am and my alarm woke me up at 6:40, it had been going off for 40 minutes. The visit was not stressful at all and so I am tired for nothing.

This weeks what I read

I Thought Men Might Do Better Than This
’Roseanne’ Is Gone, but the Culture That Gave Her a Show Isn’t
Racial Justice
Buffer Festival Films Thread
Significant Other and Job in another Location Thread - I found this particular thread very interesting. As I moved for my significant others job. The difference is, we’d always planned for it and the career I had been in had ended. Would love your thoughts on what you would do in this situation.
Three Chrsitian Misconceptions About the Kavanaugh Hearings
28 Women You Should Know in Celebration of Black Girl Magic
White Women: Women of Color are Tired of Waiting for You To Show Up
Native-Land.ca - This map is fascinating. I never would have guess whose stolen land I live on. Do you know?
Matreon: The Patreon Platform for Emotional Labor - unique sense of humor but something I needed to read.
Consumption of Women of Colors Work a Thread - this really stopped me in my tracks. For a few reasons, I had never thought of it that way. I am now worried that I have done this, especially in regards to the You & White Supremacy posts I did. It’s a good read and I am glad to have had it called out and I need to be better.
Residential school nutrition experiments explained to Kenora survivors
53 Years of marriage a thought thread

How was your week?

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