365 Project - Week 42

365 Project - Week 42

285 : October 12

I’ve been loving fall and yet I also feel de-motivated. So it’s gonna be a cozy socks and video game weekend, we probably won’t leave the house. I started right after yesterday’s dentist appointment.

Day 285

286 : October 13

Kevin helped me with a photo idea I had in my head. You can the full photo done on this past Wednesdays blog post. It’s not often that he helps and it’s not often that I have to do heavy photo-shopping. But it was fun and I am glad it worked out.

287 : October 14

Our weekend was full of video games. Which was perfect. I am playing Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle and in this particular photo Kevin is re-figuring out the skill tree so that I can complete a hard level with a few extra bounces.

288 : October 15

I’ve tired of blues and purples so time for something new.

289 : October 16

It was a miko poke kind of day. Rice, salmon, edamame, pineapple, smashed avocado, scallions, cucumber, white and black sesame seeds, spicy aioli, and the poke sauce. Delicious in a tiny bowl.

290 : October 17

Traffic came to a full stop for me right beside the lake and I couldn’t help but take a picture. It might be mid-way through October but it’s still beautiful out there.

291 : October 18

Movie Night - we watched Coco, it was really good.

This weeks what I read

Vietnam Poverty to Prosperity - maybe there’s hope in the world after all.
Pole Dancing; The Pole Partner, Can’t Stay Still and Cat Vs. Wife - I am not doing pole, yet. However I so related to this comic and it’s just too good to not share!
Awkward Moments Children’s Bible - this is not for everyone however, I need to get Vol 2 and 3.
Living Wages and Veganism via Rachel Cargle and her Social Syllabus: Farm Workers Rights - so much I did not know here and so much I needed to hear. Frustrated with how wild white women went in her comments.
What Power Means to Powerful Women: Chapter Four - Roxane Gay
How Racism and Patriarchy Is Taught at School
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Overall a pretty good week! How was yours??

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