365 Project - Week 43

292 : October 19

Bruce had babies! I thought he was having twins, turns out it was triplets. We are worried about the two in the black pot making it but fingers crossed they will all do well. I had them professionally separated because I didn’t want anyone harmed. You can see Bruce for the first time here, a time before he was named.

293 : October 20

It’s snowing!

Then it stopped and cleared up.

To be honest I am not sure how I feel about this. I have been enjoying fall so much. But snow in Wisconsin is pretty fun, so I think I’m looking forward to it sticking around for longer than an hour. On the other hand, fall is amazing and nothing will ever bet it.

294 : October 21

Driving into the sunset.

295 : October 22

We bought a fancy alarm clock to hopefully help with us getting up in the dark early mornings. I don’t know if it will work yet as I haven’t been sleeping for the past three days. I’m exhausted but sleep just doesn’t want to come. This night was particularly rough as there were idiots outside raging for all hours and it was frustrating. Hopefully I’ll get back into my normal sleeping schedule and this alarm will make a difference in the wake up.

296 : October 23

I made this randomly today because I was looking at old posts and got an idea for a new post and it needed a crown. For a random hot glue gun mess, I think it turned out alright. The question is how long will it take Kevin to see it sitting on this chair ;)

297 : October 24

Making breakfast and having a friend over. It’s weird viewing myself as an adult sometimes. I feel ill-equipped for this, even though I use to do it all the time. On a side note, I think it went well.

298 : October 25

Just a stack of books sitting on top of my car. Another successful library run, books were returned late, fees were paid, and all picked up look like exciting reads.

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