365 Project - Week 44

365 Project - Week 44

299 : October 26

I am much braver in this class about taking video and pictures. It’s also easier to make the moves prettier on the sling verses the hoop or silks. Not sure why that is and I’ve my fingers crossed that with time, the toes will point, the moves with be less jarring, and I’ll fly smoother! Either way, this is so much fun.

300 : October 27

My plant joined in on the partying!

301 : October 28

First a member of my party befriended a triceratops and began to use it as his history. Then a T-rex burst out of the forest bringing a buddy and trying to take out the rest of the party. They however were not immune to fire.

302 : October 29

My massage therapist encourages me to do crazy things like aerial classes. My chiropractor rolls her eyes and sends me to the quiet room for an hour. I love them both for making me feeling better.

303 : October 30

Today I canceled my yoga membership. Then I came home and sat on my mat for the first time in a month for actual practice and not just migraine relief. I pushed my self to do a summer challenge, then in September I added more. Somewhere in between I lost my edge, part of it was the classes I was taking, were no longer filling a need, part of it was just me wanting more but being too tired. I don't know what my practice will look like now, it will probably have a lot more focus on aerial conditioning but it's nice to be back on the mat. (you can also see this on instagram)

304 : October 31

I wanted something Halloweeny for this photo and I kinda succeeded. I won’t normal post a license plate but this one was just too fitting. Whoever this person is, has a great personality.

305 : November 1

I pay more attention to the sky here.

This week what I read

The Gap by Ira Glass - video
Modern HERstory by Blair Imani - book, that I so want.
It’s the neighbor next door or your parents - I just don’t think people realize how easily people will turn or what they actually believe. It’s kinda terrifying.
A short history lesson
You’re Disillusioned. That’s Fine. Vote Anyway.
Pittsburgh Tragedy and Trump

Happy Friday! Next week is an important and week I have been looking forward to for a few months now. The end of the year is coming and life just got a bit busier than expected! How’s your November looking?

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