365 Project - Week 46

365 Project - Week 46

311 & 312

November 7 & November 8

Last week we began traveling and that interrupted my ability to upload images for this post last week. So this week is getting to additional photos. First shot for the 7th is out the plane window! Second one is at an aquarium, I just love this guys eyeballs.

313 : November 9

Hershey store treats.

314 : November 10

Goo Goo Dolls Concert

315 : November 11

Just the weirdest sky I have ever seen.

316 : November 12

Hoover Dam selfie

317 : November 13

The Penn & Teller show. It’s fantastic!

318 : November 14

Headed home. Kevin recovering from a cold and me starting to get it. Sigh, gotta love travel.

319 : November 15

My poor baby plant. He looked so miserable when we got home, but perked right back up after a watering. None of my plants died while we were away! Left is when we got home and right is 8 hours later.

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