365 Project - Week 47

365 Project - Week 47

320 : November 16

Welcome home, here’s a cold... Going into day three, meaning couch or bed, movies or anime, boxes of Kleenex and lots of chicken noodle soup. For some reason, I am also craving peanut butter cookies. So when I had a moment of energy I pulled together a batch and now I’m laying on the couch smelling them baking in the oven.

321 : November 17

And the snow has arrived. I want to be grumpy and sad because I love sunshine and summer, but winter is pretty beautiful here too. Now just to wait for enough snow to play in.

322 : November 18

Day 4 of being sick. A little better but not much. Our original plan was to go on a hike, but with the flu and the snow, it didn’t sound like something we wanted to do. So instead we bought a game, we probably shouldn’t have, but it was a lot of fun and something we could do together.

323 : November 19

Look at that sunrise, it’s gonna be a fabulous Monday!

324 : November 20

Why you have a cough and no voice but you also have a skype date, you take all the precautions starting with tea and a lot of honey.

325 : November 21

I used to dream about losing my voice for weeks because it meant that I could literally not talk to customers. Now I’m not working and when I get a chance to talk, I want it. I love conversations. When you get to choose the conversations you have, they become a lot more important. I went to run errands and had to whisper in the ears of all the people I talked to because my voice would not come out (whispering in your cashiers ear is really weird). Beyond the funny squeak I got going on, I’m just daydreaming about my bed and not coughing up a lung every three minutes. Weird thing about being sick, I feel like the illness sucked all my tan out of my skin and instead has left me back to ghost shade. Orange lightening helps fake having color, but trust me it’s gone. I don’t need a tan and being pale doesn’t bother me, it’s just a weird thing to see it disappear so quickly.

326 : November 22

Today is a weird day and I did not plan well for food. With how sick we both are everything tastes terrible and nothing sounds appetizing so that’s not helping either.

What I’ve Read this week

Project Implicit - I am not sure how I feel about the tests offered in this project nor their results. If you do any and are willing to share I would love your thoughts.
Author Roxanne Gay Is Not Your Typical Feminist
A feminist reading list for men - I have only read one of the books on this list.
What’s the real size of Africa? How Western states used maps to downplay size of continent - now I very much want to update the maps we have in the house to a more accurate version. This sucks.
Holiday Guide to Autism
What has kindness done for social justice - “people in privileged bodies can harm those in marginalized bodies when they perceive a lack of kindness coming from a marginalized person. And this harm is always justified by other members in the dominant/privileged group” @Sassy_Latte such a powerful post, as special to someone who has specifically been thinking about the words kill them with kindness.
How does one define kindness beyond the denotative explanation
Delhi: Detergent waste chokes Yamuna at the mouth, excess phosphate behind deadly froth
A Thanksgiving Reminder
How to be an ally as a white person
A thread with great resources - 7 Ways to Be An Ally to Native Peoples This Thanksgiving - we didn’t celebrate this year and it has me thinking on the purpose behind the celebration a lot more.
How to Talk to Your Family About Racism on Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving: The national Day of Mourning

This week was a really weird one for multiple reasons.

I hope it was good for you and I hope you go through some of the articles I’ve shared.

Cheers to the weekend.

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