365 Project - Week 48

365 Project - Week 48

327 : November 23

Books 200 and 201

This wasn’t the picture I had planned for today. However, I am amazed by how much I have read this year. It has been a record year for reading and it’s not over yet. A huge part of that is that I have read many long series of books but I just dove into reading and I’ve been enjoying it. I could have read dozens more books this year but instead I choose to only read what actually interested me. So if half ways through a book I decided I was bored and to put it down I would. Which meant I only ever read when I liked what I was reading and that has been lovely. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a year where I’ll be able to read this much again and so it’s good to dedicate it to what I’m enjoying vs what I’m not. This series is so good but it is not child friendly no matter how family appealing the cover is.

328 : November 24

The Christmas stuff is out and I want all the Christmas plants. They are usually so beautiful, however these poor amaryllis bulbs have been painted and covered in wax. This is a terribly cruel thing to do to a plant, it is also pointless. I did not buy any.

329 : November 25

I bought one brown banana specifically so I could make this loaf. We enjoyed a good portion of it hot out of the oven.

330 : November 26

Bronchitis for him, sinus infection for me. Cheers to the next seven days of antibiotics.

331 : November 27

Getting that pink refreshed and feeling awesome. I think the antibiotics kicked in.

332 : November 28

The swifer has been running terribly for a while now and I haven’t been able to figure out why. Today, I remembered it’s battery powered and that we have never replaced the batteries in the 7 (…8??) years we’ve had it. Now it’s running like brand new.

333 : November 29

Car recall, second time for the same issue. Slightly frustrating for the unnecessary hassle of it all.

What I read this week:

Why you Shouldn’t do Street Photography - great video
When it comes to AntiRacism work there is no neutral
A Difference of Opinion in Politics
Some of us need to forgive our parents. Most of them have a childhood they need to heal from as well - something I am slowly coming to terms with this year
Emergency Kittens - I want this gif
SMBC Tattoo
A funny thread on unnatural hair colors
Challenge, how many book shave you read that were written by a person of color - 48 out of 201. A pretty bad ratio. I started the year off strong but since beginning to listen to audiobooks it’s been a struggle. Will need to work on that.
Squeezing Blood from Poor Black People | Creators for Change - $14billion dollars

It’s Friday!

We’re both finally starting to feel better.

So I am looking forward to the weekend! Tell me what your doing for the weekend

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