365 Project - Week 49

365 Project - Week 49

334 : November 30

Finally stopped by a pop up of local artists selling their wares. So many beautiful things. But the thing I really wanted was the beautiful snack plants they had… Come January I will get one.

Day 334

335 : December 1

We went to bed with all these plans for the day. Instead we ended up sleeping in, I rolled over and glanced at my phone and realized we had twenty minutes to get to an appointment. We rushed dressed and then headed out and were one minute late, not bad. Then we went out for breakfast, to a place we really should know better and just not go too. A couple of stops afterwards and we came home, immediately snuggling down into my blanket until our afternoon plans arrived. Weird morning but also good.

336 : December 2

Kevin helping me with my yoga photo for Instagram. I think yesterday’s will be my favorite for a while, but today’s turned out pretty good too.

337 : December 3

I wasn’t going to decorate for Christmas this year due to a few things happening. But one thing lead to another and now the stockings are hung. Also Eucalyptus is my favorite flower replacement.

338 : December 4

I want to a matinee with a friend. We saw A Star is Born. It was sadder than I expected.

339 : December 5

I love doing this so much and I don’t take enough pictures or video while I’m doing it. I’m still super awkward but as I get to know things better, it flows a little more.

340 : December 6

There is nothing worse than driving away from a beautiful sunset. I wonder how many in the cars driving with me noticed it at all.

What I’ve been reading

The Unbearable Baggage of Orcing
Yoga and Touch a Topic - Personally unless you are trained in massage therapy or also a doctor or such I don’t think you should touch as a yoga teacher.
A list of anime not about kids in high school - we are currently watching Yona
How Can I use Social Media without Damaging my Mental Health
People who kill Indigenous women punished less than those who kill non-Indigenous women, Senator’s study finds
Marius Rabinson and Frances Gage the speech comparison

Happy Friday!

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