365 Project - Week 5

365 Project - Week 5

25 Jan : 25

We went to a friends house and she had a fireplace and so we had one. It was lovely. The best part was that I finally got to roast a marshmallow. It has been far too long and they were delicious.

26 Jan : 26

A typical Saturday

27 Jan : 27

Just a day on the couch. Either watching something or video games. Both are a perfect way to enjoy time together.

28 Jan : 28

This shows you about a quarter of the snow that’s arrived in the last three days. It’s insanity and I love it. Sadly it also means that my classes for tonight were canceled but I had to leave the house anyways to drop Kevin off at the airport. Such is life. I also just really like the blue this house is, which is why I took it’s picture. So you have snow where you are?

29 Jan : 29

I wore layers upon layers so that I would not be cold. Wool socks, hiking boots, my thick hiking pants, two long sleeves shirts. And in that I made three cylinders, that have the potential to be mugs or vases or maybe nothing at all. Through it all I was warm.

30 Jan : 30

The weirdest thing about living here is that the snow builds up. There’s never a warm wind to melt it. It’s just cold. That said the snow is lovely.

31 Jan : 31

Playing this again with a group of special people. It’s good fun and I am thankful I have this time.

What I read this week

Honor {don’t appropriate} yoga - a free online series coming February 20th and I am so looking forward to it. This is something I think about constantly.
I Tried Mindful Moisturizing for 5 Days. Here’s What Happened.
A History of Baby Hairs & Gelled Down Edges
Why The Rise Of The 'YouTube Boyfriend' Is Changing Stereotypical Gender Roles - stereotypes are an interesting thing to discuss and it’s good to see this particular one, moving in an positive direction.
Jessamyn Stanley - “A lot of people are obsessed with this idea of ‘How do I look’. And, you value that perspective so much more than ‘How do I feel’.

Cheers to a crazy weathered week but one full of good people!

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