365 Project - Week 50

365 Project - Week 50

341 : December 7

I haven’t made an apple pie in forever! I hope it tastes as good as it looks pre-cooking. Fingers crossed it bakes well and isn’t soggy when I finally get to serve it!

P.S. the pie was freaking amazing and I need to make another one now.

342 : December 8

Whoops… I went to the store for two books and came out with six. Five of which were not on my pick up list. So I guess that means I have to go back! I have bought far too many books this year.

P.S.S. I finished Sex Plus late that evening. Great read, wish I had, had access to it 8 years ago. I would love an your 30 version, that goes through life now and maybe future menopause things. I’m sure such a thing exists and will have to see if I can find it.

343 : December 9

D&D with tea. It’s kill the party day.

344 : December 10

I have left the house this week, I swear. It's just that all my favorite pictures happen to be ones from the house, except of course this one. This one I took because of… frustration I suppose. We made bacon on the weekend. Something we do rarely because it smells the place up and I hate that smell. Anyways the bacon grease spilled during clean up. All down the front of our stove and the floor. That line you see on the ovens window, I can’t get rid of. It’s on the inside of the glass, as in I open the open and scrubbed that side too but it was on the side of that two. So there must be two panes and somehow the grease found it’s way in. I have scrubbed with hot water and soap. Windex and still you can see the grease smears besides that stupid line. Honestly I just want a house, with my own appliances and floors. Though that would not help me at all if this ever happened again. If you have an idea besides hiring a cleaning company let me know!

345 : December 11

Millie bloomed. From a tiny little three foot plant to over seven feet tall and beautiful syrup blooms. I did not even know that Dracaena Fragrans Massangena’s could bloom. I just noticed this tiny little thing in the leaves one morning and have been watching it everyday since. Both branches have a bloom and this is the smaller of the two.

346 : December 12

I feel like I’m just waiting for something to blow up. But I don’t know what. I should prepare but I’m not sure how.

347 : December 13

I drove Kevin to work this morning because he had to be there early. I love this time of day and I wish I had thought ahead and brought my camera with me. It was wonderful to just sit and watch the fog burn off with the arrival of the sun.

Day 347

What I’ve been reading

Systemic Bias vs Implicit Bias: Why the Difference Matters When Reviewing the Report by the Ontario Human Rights Commission on Racial Profiling by the Toronto Police Services
The Banks by Roxane Gay - having a hard time finding more details but I am so excited!
Backblaze - they are having a sale, one month free and then if you sign up and pay for the year you’ll get three months free and so will I. I personally love backblaze and store all my files/images on it. Simple to use and it just runs in the background.
A Comic About Reading
Hanging Leg Lift Progressions - OMG I need to train on this and it’s gonna be hard.
America’s Health Ranking Annual Report - I found this a fascinating read

Happy Friday!

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