365 Project - Week 51

365 Project - Week 51

348 : December 14

My camera fell while I was taking yoga photos and captured this upon landing. I just like the way it turned out. Sad that I hadn’t screwed the camera well but accidents happen and at least it was a soft landing with a pretty result. 9 days till Christmas, 6 days till we fly out.

349 : December 15

He always gets dressed no matter what. Me though, occasionally I’ll stay in my pajamas all day. Today was that day; pajamas, tea, and anime. Not what we planned but still a good way to spend the day.

350 : December 16

An adventure at the makeup counter. Think I’ll survive?

351 : December 17

Beyond the fact that I barely slept the night before, is the fact that my head isn’t in a good space. I’m not sure why but all the demons are winning today.

352 : December 18

There was no need to make cookies. But I finally figured out the trick to the recipe and got a good tool to make them pretty. I made them even though there’s no one to eat them. Anyone want me to mail them some cookies?

353 : December 19

While things were awkward they also came together and I felt good about the sequence. Flying is a beautiful thing.

354 : December 20

And so begins the journey.

This week I read

Scenes From an American Tragedy: The Texas Border Crisis
Once were gardeners, lovers, poets…and warriors
Natural Women Photos - Canva has started a new project. It’s lovely to see but honestly it’s way past time for companies to be making this a priority. I’m glad that they are trying.

It’s the Friday before Christmas and I hope your ready! Cheers!

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