365 Project - Week 6

365 Project - Week 6

32 : Feb 1

This sunset was far more beautiful than this picture shows.

33 : Feb 2

A foot and a half of snow. It’s starting to melt. What this picture doesn’t tell you is the disaster that came after taking it. We went down to our car and found a burst water pipe above it and our car drenched and filthy water. After we ran our errands and came home, we had to find another parking stall and then came upstairs to our apartment. Which had water but it was brown and took twenty minutes to run clear. We have the great privilege of having access to clean hot or cold water at all times and it’s moments like this that I realize that it is in fact a great privilege. Flint Michigan happened in a country that claims to be the land of dreams and yet, clean water is not a consistent thing there. Our awareness and empathy is lacking.

34 : Feb 3

Reality is that Kingdom Hearts 3 came out and we bought a PS4 so Kevin could dive into it for hours. For the first few years of our relationship we spent many hours cuddling while he played 1 & 2 and I slept or read. We planned our anniversary weekend to be open for our favorite activities and this was one of the top things on the list. We also did game night with friends, hit up the gym, and ate good food. All in all a good way to spend a weekend.

35 : Feb 4

All I have been craving is poke. So today I went out and picked up ingredients to make it at home.

Rice - large bag $17.00 will last four months approximately
Salmon - $10.50 is enough for four dishes
Sriracha mayo - bottle $4.69 not sure how long it will last
Avocado - 3 for $5 is enough for six dishes
Pineapple - 2 for $5 not sure how long it will last as we will eat it as a snack too.
Cucumber - $1.69 is enough for four dishes
Sesame seeds - bottle $4.99 not sure how long it will last
Chives - $2 - not sure how long it will last approximately 10 dishes

Buying poke costs us around $22 for two dishes. This cost less then half and now I’ve got the start of the ingredients and just need to find more toppings and making it a thing. Tomorrow I’ll probably try teriyaki shrimp.

36 : Feb 5

This became a bowl, now to see if it will trim well.

37 : Feb 6

After the success of the poke I decided to try making teriyaki shrimp. I added shrimp, teriyaki, garlic, onion, and sesame seed to my favorite pan and started the process. It was looking fantastic until I got distracted and it burnt to nothing in the pan. The whole house now smells terrible, burnt teriyaki is a very unpleasant smell and then my favorite pot was sitting there ruined. I put it to the side and skyped a friend, who upon hearing of my disaster said to try heavy salt water, boiled and then slightly cooled to get it cleaned. It worked; the burnt pieces came up, the pan is cleaner than it was before, and my house still smells terrible.

38 : Feb 7

I didn’t make it out the door before the ice rain had washed the ice from the trees. Glad I at least got this shot. Ice rain is so strange and it’s terrible to drive and walk on but it makes for some lovely pictures. I hope to capture it better next time.

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