365 Project - Week 7

365 Project - Week 7

39 : Feb 8

I could not open the patio door enough to get a better shot. This annoys me, because those freeze drops are perfection.

40 : Feb 9

This is a parking lot. But it could also be a pond or a skating rink. It was terrifying.

41 : Feb 10

The put new flooring into the elevator this past week. I don’t usually take the elevator but I was curious and so I check it out. It’s awful… it’s this horrible metallic, the lines are uneven and it’s already peeling in the corners. This makes me super nervous because they are suppose to be redoing all the apartments within the next two years and with this quality of work, it’s gonna suck.

42 : Feb 11

Well this is a first. My cellphone went through a full wash in the washing machine. At what point do you start crying… because I think my camera already was, I couldn’t get it to focus. The cellphone thankfully still works.

43 : Feb 12

I went for a float. I could have used it yesterday, as after my phone went through the washer, I got the worst migraine I’ve had in ages. The float helped relax all the muscles that tensed up from dealing with that.

44 : Feb 13

I am struggling with finding the words for my post on lyra. It’s my favorite and yet the words don’t come.

45 : Feb 14

The issue with wireless vacuums is that sometimes you run out of battery before you finish the house. I got the bedroom, office and half the living room done, but there’s still so much left. I hate carpet.

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