365 Project - Week 8

365 Project - Week 8

46 : Feb 15

It’s was a gym day and this is the only photo I took. Which is unusual for me, but it happens.

47 : Feb 16

Started the morning off on my yoga mat. My energy has been weird. I’m busy but unfocused, hence unplanned pictures. Need to change that.

48 : Feb 17

It was snowing and we went for a hike. Not a long one. Under the snow was sheets of ice and after half an hour of trudging your body gets a little tense. So we went home and had hot coco. However the snow was perfect and it wasn’t super cold.

49 : Feb 18

I ordered so many books from the library that they created me my own shelf. Now to read them all in the three weeks I’ve got!

50 : Feb 19

This picture doesn’t due this scene justice. I wish I had not only had my camera on me, but also the time to stop. I am not sure if it’s fog coming off the lake, but with the sun and the trees the view of the lake and downtown was just beautiful.

51 : Feb 20

This kiwi did not taste as good as it looked. But I had fun with my macro. You can click it and and see the tiny details!

52 : Feb 21

This is our third winter in Wisconsin and we have never had icicles on our patio. This winter is unique in many ways. Epic low temperatures, lots and lots of snow, and crazy ice. I am enjoying every second of it and also very happy I don’t get out of the house much.

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