Hair is Not a Magical Cloak

This is the month of love and today, I want to talk about a different kind of love. The love for hair. I've read a lot of amazing books and from one of those books was this line

"Hair is not a magical cloak" - Jes Baker

I read that line at a time when I was deeply conflicted about my hair. You see, hair is a huge part of my image. I have always used it as a way to stand out. I'm known for doing fun and unique things with it. I love coloring, texturing and experimenting with it. I've almost every color in the book and done everything except cut it all off. In the last six months, it's become a burden I didn't want to deal with anymore. It was a frustration, a point of contention. The funny thing is my hair is so easy to deal with. I don't have the struggles that Everyday Eye Candy wrote about here. My hair will do whatever I want it to do, except maybe grow faster.

My hair is also a crutch. I use it as way to tell a story when doing my self portrait. In most of those self portraits, hair, is how I've made my statement. I've barely utilized backgrounds, expressions or small details. All the portraits are the same and that is boring. I need to grow. I am hiding behind something and not allowing myself to be further challenged. If I am not brave enough to go out and shoot images, then I need to learn to be more creative inside.

hair is not a magical cloak

I spent a couple of months trolling Pinterest for cute short haircuts, creating a large Pinterest board of ideas, that I took to Ashley at Trichology Salon. She chopped off my length and gave me some lovely peacock colored hair. 

It is so easy to allow ourselves to hide behind our image. To make life all about being a certain way. Dress modestly (though everyone's definition varies, so you'll always make someone unhappy), don't wear too much makeup but look professional (what defines too much?), don't be to loud (women should be seen not heard, at least where I grew up). The rules are there to hold us back. The question is, will we allow it?

I think not

Cheers to stretching, growing and hopefully expanding my capabilities.

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