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Adventures in Traveling

TravelingAngela Tolsma
Adventures in Traveling

Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

One night while skyping my bestie Caitlyn, we booked a trip to see each other. Our location was Las Vegas. Kevin and I met Caitlyn for four days in Sin City and then had three days to ourselves. We did a fair bit of exploring and can official cross the states of Nevada and Arizona off our travel list. I’ve got two posts about our adventure.

Bayview, Idaho

We decided that since we couldn’t go visit family, we’d rent a place close by and have them drive over the border to visit us. So in July of 2017 we flew down to Bayview, Idaho. Our condo presented a beautiful view of the lake and there was lots of things for us to do nearby, the biggest being the local theme park. Then we invited five different groups of people and enjoyed a few weeks of holidays.

Chicago, Illinois

Going to Chicago was on the top of my list when we first moved to Wisconsin. I’ve heard lots of things about the city and I was excited to get to visit. What I didn’t really think about was driving in the city. It’s a lot more intense than any of the previous places I’ve been and I am super thankful that I tend to always have a good navigator in the passenger seat.

Weekend in Chicago - September 2017

This was our second trip to go and we went for an event. The event was for Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin two people I follow on YouTube. After the event we visited Shedd Aquarium for the first time. Then back to the Museum of Science and Industry because we did not have enough time to see it all the last time we were there. We also did the major touristy thing and went to Cloud Gate. Read all about it here.

The City of Chicago and Our Adventure - November 2016

Our first visit to the big city included picking up Kevin’s Dad and then exploring the city with him. We went on the Chicago Architectural River Cruise, something we never would have thought to do but thoroughly enjoyed. The Adler Planetarium and more. It was quite the intense few days. See it all here.

Chicago Planetarium and Education - November 2016

This is less of a travel post and more my random thoughts on being inside a place where I have little understanding of the things being shown. Most times when such a feeling comes up it’s because I am staring at art, that can be interpreted in many ways. This time we are talking the solar system, read about it here.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

September 2016 we headed out to Minneapolis to pick up guests and explore.

British Columbia, Canada

We went to British Columbia in April 2015. We spent a few days to ourselves and the rest of the time visiting friends.


May 2014 my sister-in-law and her husband flew us down to Cuba for a week of ocean, sand, and exploring. If you haven’t been, you should go. It’s a beautiful place and my pictures do not do it justice.

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