April Reflections

1. What dreams did you work towards this month?

My dream of being more involved in the circus definitely grew this month. I added new classes to the mix of things I was already doing. The break down

Mondays - Sling class with a new teacher. She’s pretty awesome.
Tuesdays - Weird Lyra with a teacher I found last year and mentioned here. I am not longer taking the silks class and she was able to find enough students to start up another lyra class which I was all too happy to join!
Wednesdays - Lyra, the same one I started in September, except that we’ve moved from intro to lyra 1. Which is pretty awesome. Also she’s definitely my favorite teacher for all the things.
Fridays - Sling same teacher as Wednesdays. I love this group of people.
Sundays - Trapeze. This is new. It’s a unique class because it’s dynamic trapeze… or dance trapeze. Which means there’s lots of floor dancing and I’m just awkward. This class is also taught very different, every week there’s a new teacher and they all have their specialty. Most times this has been fine, except this past Sundays was a little odd. I think that the teachers don’t communicate enough with each other.

I don’t know what my end goal is with all the circus class I’m taking. If it’s just to be happy in unique ways of movement or something else. For the movement, I am trying to be okay with not having an end goal and just enjoy the process. It’s not easy as I feel like we are taught to always have an end goal in mind or a way for whatever we are doing to make us money and this isn’t that.

I also signed up for a macro photography class for next month. This doesn’t really build towards my goal of being a yoga photographer but it does give me the opportunity to learn how to better use my camera and learn from a professional. I’m freaking out about it a fair bit, but I don’t yet have the words to why.

2. Where did you spend most of your energy?

Most of my energy went towards the circus and my classes. That is definitely where I spend the majority of my time. I also spent a fair bit of time recovering from the flu. I hate being sick, but I am so thankful to be sick and not have to go to a job and pretend I’m fine. Just letting it run it’s course, while painful and extremely frustrating, is better than being stressed out and sick. It is however the third time I’ve been sick in the last six months and that’s rather annoying. However I am on the mend and that is a good thing. It’s lovely to have my voice back and for the cough to slowly being going away.

3. What’s helped you refill the well?

Let’s go with my daily bagels. Everyday for the last two months I have driven down the street to a bagel shop and eaten breakfast there. This is a huge waste of money and yet it has been major in keeping me on track. I made the goal to do my absolute best to eat at least three times a day this year and the bagel shop has made breakfast, in particular, much easier to deal with. Hello Fresh also has helped with this goal.

And of course there’s Kevin, who without him all of this won’t be possible.

How was your April?

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