August Reflections
  1. What nourished your body this month?

    Every month I look at these questions and wonder why they are always perfect for hitting the mark at things I’ve been struggling with. I have been doing utterly fantastic when it comes to moving my body enough, between kayaking, yoga, and aerial, I am moving more than before. However I am not walking or standing enough and I am definitely not doing great when it comes to nourishment. Movement is a type of nourishment, but food is a bigger part and that has been a struggle.

    Kevin took a week off in the middle of August for his birthday. It was perfect and because he was home I was able to get on a proper meal structure. Now I just need to keep it up and remember that food is good for me. I am currently working on creating affirmations to helpful help change my relationship with food. It is a lot harder than it should be and all that I come up with feel like lies. Which is how other affirmations I have done in the past have felt but have since embraced and no longer feel that way about. So fingers crossed.

  2. What nourished your mind?

    So many things. The articles I have listed in this post have nourished me or helped me grow and learn. My adventures with Kevin. My plants. Books, so many books. I actually have made great progress in my not yet read list. Also photos like the one below.

    Beyond that though, Kevin and I were talking about how important it is to diversify what you take in. Specifically in regards to social media, social groups, etc. It’s super important to expose yourself to viewpoints that don’t match your own. It causes you to see the world in a bigger light and have empathy towards others whose plight does not match your own. If you don’t do this you become stagnant and closed minded and personally, I view that as a scary thing. I tend to find nourishment in being exposed to other people’s opinions and views. It helps me solidify who I am and what I stand for. Recently I have found that there are certain people whose opinions I can no longer even listen to. It’s because what they are spewing is usually hatred and they aren’t open to listening to what others have to say. They just want to shout. It’s been hard to communicate with people who literally do not care to even attempt to see things from a different perspective. Frustrating, but it’s good to acknowledge that they aren’t worth my time, but them on mute, and find a better source.

  3. What nourished your soul?

The Artists Way. Even in the midst of depressing, I feel open and excited about the things I am working on and seeing. This was definitely the right book for me to read at the right time. Some books just hit you like that and they deserve to be devoured.

Lastly seeing my teachers perform during the Orton Park Festival. You can see some of the lovely photos here. Performing terrifies me, but seeing these amazing women up there and pulling it off was amazing. I doubt I will ever get there but seeing them up there having fun and doing their thing was fantastic and I can’t wait to see it again.

What has nourished you this month?

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