Body Image

Body Image

I am not an expert on this topic.


I work on a campus center surrounded by students. Every year there’s a student election and many people run for whatever position they think they would suit. I don’t know much about the process or why it even matters. But I have one big problem with the whole ordeal.

The men running in the election all have semi-professional pictures usually of them dressed up nice. They usually have their name, a random fact about them and then what they stand for.

The women are the opposite. For example this last run there’s one wearing a low cut 60's dress with her hair done up in the 60's style her arms all pumped up saying “Vote for Muscle”. Then there’s the tiny Asian girl holding an oversized teddy bear, wearing skimpy clothing that says “Looking for multiculturalism, so am I”. There isn't a single girl who’s running that’s dressed professionally or has a well written reason as to why she is running.

This frustrates me to know end. I won't vote for any of them because of how they promote themselves, they seem to have very little self-respect for themselves.

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