The GingerBread Extravaganza

Today I am having a Gingerbread Party. It is something I hoped to become a tradition, holding a fun festive party where all my friends get together to decorate and eat something yummy. Unfortunately it is the holiday season meaning everyone is busy!! So most people I invited couldn’t make it! :( Which means I need to plan ahead better! But there are still a few coming and I can’t wait to see what these few do to their little gingerbread men. Gingerbread dough is ridiculous!! It takes 2 hours to rise! Which means I was struggling to have them fully made before the party and as such some were burnt! But they were made for decorating and not eating so it shouldn't matter to much! And here's how they turned out!

I hope this will become a tradition! Maybe next year I'll try to make a house... :)