So This Happened

On Monday we had our 8th Anniversary!

So many wonderful things happened on this date!!

First we went for dinner, it was amazing.

But you can read more about that below! The important part is that Kevin proposed! And he planned a beautiful dinner followed by a limo ride!

the limo
the limo

The Dinner

The restaurant is called Teatro and is in an old TD Bank. That has been redesigned into the restaurant.

The meal included 8 Courses!!

Course 1:The lovely tomato soup. The waiter brought out two bowls each had a cherry tomato cut in half and slightly fried. Another tomato peeled with bread crumbs scattered around. Kevin and I were confused because this was the soup course and there was just tomatoes. He then proceeded to pour the most amazing soup into the bowls. Every spoonful was savored.

The wine: My absolute favorite wine. It was the perfect combination of everything that I enjoyed and I wish I knew what it was called.

Kevin's note: it was a sweet white wine.

Course 2:Salad with goat cheese apple and beets. It was an interesting combination. Mostly because I don't like beets  or goat cheese but the combination of the mixture was well done and I really enjoyed it.

The wine: also a really good wine. I quite enjoyed this one too.

Kevin's note: white wine

Course 3:The mussels. These had the most amazing presentation and tasted wonderful. It came in a large clay bowl with claim shells and inside two of the shells were about 6 mussels each, in a sauce that was delishes and some lemon bubbles. I have never had a mussel before and they were quite good. A bit chewy but that's to be expected. I would definitely try them again in the right environment.

The wine: My least favorite, very dry. I couldn't finish it.

Kevin's note: the mussles and sauce were very strongly flavor so the dry white wine was a pleasant palate cleanser.

Course 4:Coconut bacon egg pasta. This came out in little coconuts. Unfortunately I am not a fan of bacon or coconut or egg so it was an interesting combination. The coconut tasted like bacon there was no meat. It was the weirdest flavoring.

The wine: another non favorite - dry. Again I didn't finish it.

Kevin's note: white wine. It was pasta carbonara with smoked coconut that tasted like bacon.

Course 5:Fish. I have no idea what kind of fish it was but it was very different and we ate it with the skin on. It was served with couscous, fried onion and a deep fried cheese ball of risotto (which was amazing!)

The wine: honestly I was pretty tipsy by this point and have no idea how this one tasted.

Kevin's note: it was different having a red wine with a white fish,  but it was a really good wine for the fish.

Course 6:Red meat. No idea what kind of meat it was but it was roasted at a low temperature for many hours and was the tenderest meat ever! With whipped mashed something it wasn't quite potatoes but similar. With a wonderful gravy.

The wine: was served in the hugest wine glass ever. It was hard to hold but quick going down.

Kevin's note: it was like a roast beef but prepared in a different way. And red wine.

Course 7:Cheese. One small slice of cheese served with Apricot sauce, a toast similar to melba toast, fresh raspberries and blackberries.

The wine: a delicious port that tasted like chocolate and oranges. By then I was struggle to continue drinking but it sure was amazing. And I barely touched it unfortunately.

Kevin's note: really good port.

Course 8: Dessert. For this one we got to go up to the kitchen to watch them make it. They pre-mixed a flavored cream and pour liquid nitrogen into the mixer. We got to watch the mixer mix the cream and nitrogen together to insta freeze into an ice cream. They happened to choose my favorite type Salted Caramel! A perfect way to end a meal! (the salt was a black sea salt that I really must buy)

The wine: Don't remember the wine I was too into the ice cream to try it. That ice cream was heaven.

Kevin's note: wine was a very sweet dessert wine an amber colour not a white or a red.

All the courses took 3 hours. It was delightful.

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