The Jeep Safari
The first thing the tour guide (Jordan) said was yes this is called a safari but we won’t see any animals - lions, elephants - just Cuban life. But Cuban life is what we were here to see. What surprised us was that what we saw wasn't all touristy parts of the country. We saw life. I feel Cubanians are a proud people. They are happy with who they are and happy to show you all aspects of that.

Our first stop was snorkeling through a coral reef! I borrowed an underwater camera and I am so happy I did! While the camera kept turning off to save battery. I got lots of underwater photos. These photos are a combination of what I took as well as Mikes.

We had a Cuban shower, aka a bucket poured into one with holes and you stand under. And experienced bathrooms with no toilet paper or seat.

Cuban is one of the only Caribbean island that is educated. While it is a communist country, everyone has the opportunity to go to school. I'm not sure how I feel about communism and I don't fully understand it (yea homeschool education), but I felt save. I have never been to Mexico but I've heard it said and read in so many places that once you office the resort safety can be a concern. It was not like that here.

We stopped at a cave next. It’s a water run off deep into a cave. Kevin went in and the rest of us snapped pictures. His only comment was that the water was cold.

Then we were off to the little Cuban Shop you see in the feature photo. They had tons of samples of food for us to try.

- a nut mixture - reminded me of fudge just as soft and was really good. - sugar cane - also yummy!! And they kinda showed you how to make it… or at least the machine they used. - coconut bits - not really my thing very chalky… I’d still like to try a drink out of a coconut. - and some fruit which I didn’t try because of the flies. - Oh and banana’s. I can’t forget the banana’s they were really good!!


The shop was the entry way to a ranch, where we had lunch. Lunch found us surrounded by some unique looking ducks (they had red crowns). Then following our noses we found where the coffee was made. And our party sat down for some freshly picked, ground and boiled coffee. It smelled good.


From there it started to rain. The rain is so different from what I am use to. It stopped long enough for Mike to drive the a massive puddle covering the entire vehicle and spraying us inside ;) We pulled up to our last stop and it was onto a river boat. Due to the rain we tried to find as much cover as we could and floated along the river. We still ended up soaked!


Come back tomorrow for our Adventure into Havana. See Our Travel Journal for all Cuba Adventures!

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