Living a Fraudulent Life

Living a Fraudulent Life

I was talking to my Mom the other day. And she mentioned how my sister and I had/have completely confused her. We both had turned into complete opposites from what she expected.This brought to my attention how little my own mother knew about me and how good I am at hiding. I feel bad for having deceived her and other people. And yet I am finally in a place in my life that I feel comfortable being one hundred percent truthful. I am tired of living the lie of someone else’s perception. My opinion matters and I think I have been unfair to some people in my life by lying to them about who I am. There is an issue however with me breaking out of the lies. I no longer know who I am without them. It's going to take time to figure out who I am. Who knew at 27 years old that I would be having an identity crisis!

That said I do know a few things about myself and I've been kinda post about it on and on for the past few months

I am in introvert I have a wild imagination I am an Insomniac I really like even numbers I do allot of reading I am a Feminist I use to be a people pleaser I have interesting views on marriage

The plan is to spend the next few years discovering myself. Things are changing and it's about time I made some major changes.

And to be honest at some point… I’m gonna have to write a book about the journey. Side Note Maybe

Side Note: I made the above photo with photo shop using the following items Sudesetada font (thanks Jordyn for sharing what it was called) HTML Color Codes and Names Cherry Blossom Photoshop Brushes and Nicole's Quote from A Life Less Bullshit

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