The Expo and Commissioner


In September 2014 I headed to the Wedding Expo with Caitlyn, Colleen and Abigail. Thankfully we choose to go early in the morning, because Brides are crazy! These two photos are from a local photographer. While we already have our photographer, he happens to make these very unique pieces. They are so beautiful and I would love to get it done. I have no idea how much he costs, but I think I would like to DIY it or at least try.

Abigail, Caitlyn and I took a photo at the Flower wall, which was beautiful! I can not imagine how much it would cost to get one made in the middle of winter. They were running a facebook contest, if your photo got the most likes you won a necklace (worth $5000.00). I didn't win, top winner needed 250 likes or something. Also I would rather cash over a necklace!

The Wedding Expo

When you first walk in the door you got bombarded with the Bay trying to sign you up for everything under the sun. I did not want to do a wedding registry, but in the end it was easier just to give my information so they would leave me along.

The Wedding Expo

This is everything I got at the fair. A big annoyance was how much un-related stuff they had there -Stripers, XXX Parties, and Passion Parties. I was not impressed with how pushy those companies were and I am glad I didn't bring anyone underage with me. It was an interesting experience that I won't do again. Too many women... gah. The fashion show was horrendous. And I am not sure it was worth the 80 bucks. But I think it was a good experience

The Wedding Expo

At the expo, I met with three caterers and two commissioners. The two commissioners ended up not being what I wanted. So we sent out emails to almost every commissioner on our local list (every city has a list). I got 5 responses out of 32 emails. We booked appointments and went to met them. One of the appointments ended up being with the commissioner I met through this expo. Who for some reason had booked me in his calendar!

He was super pushy, but he went through the entire ceremony with us and not knowing any better we said okay. I should have clued into the red flags - booking even though I told him I needed him to met Kevin first, saying my concern wasn't actually a concern, and not liking that we didn't like the poems he used. For his ceremonies he has two poems - one about children, family and blah blah we asked for that one to be removed and that it was non-negotiable. The other poem wasn't anything we hated so he left it in, but it felt like a major inconvenience for him to make these changes. We canceled all our other appointments except one and set our sights on him.

There was however one appointment we could not cancel. When he came over the next day we discovered someone we really wanted!! He was wonderful. He went through everything again, allowing us the freedom to change and adjust all wording as we wished. It was fantastic, he was friendly, had a great voice and was taller than us (a weird wish I had). We decided to go with him. I wrote a email to our first commissioner explaining we were going a different direction and that was that.

Until I was at the gym one morning and the first commissioner called. He wanted all the details and names. I said I was busy and couldn't talk. He called the next day and the next day. I don't know what was with his timing but he seriously got me every time I was in the change room at the gym. Finally I told him it was a family friend and I wasn't comfortable giving out names and did not wish to talk to him again.I am super happy with the commissioner we ended up with!! Our ceremony was short (my sister timed it, to 12 minutes!) and there was not flourish! Exactly what we wanted!