Wedding Wednesday - the Weekend Before

Wedding Wednesday - the Weekend Before

Karen and my Bridesmaids (who I will introduce once I get the Professional Photos) planned a Bridal Shower and Spa day the weekend before the wedding! At this event I went Blonder!! And got my nails done, currently loving black!! 

Ate a lot of interesting food! (this also needs to include pickles!!)

Then we did up a grab bags, while Karen did our makeup

We played with the little babies!

And then it was time for the party! Which include large diamond rings, some hidden treasures, and drinks! BTW the Apple Pie shot is sooo yummy!!

I did not take many photos beyond this, though I did manage two of actual people there! Abigail and I then Jillian and I. 

It was a fabulous night! I am so grateful to Karen for all the hard work she put in to make the day special! I loved the crown and necklace.... and I hope I managed to hide the surprise before Mom T snapped a picture!! (which I should totally ask her for)


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