To The Amazing People Who Came to Our Wedding

To The Amazing People Who Came to Our Wedding

Kevin and I are so happy that so many people were able to make it to our Tuesday 4pm Wedding. I hope everyone enjoyed playing games, as it is a huge part of our lives. On the day of I was handed a card and immediately realized I hadn’t thought about where we were going to put any cards received. Neither of us had remembered that cards were part of getting married. We ended up using the lid to a game (ironically it was a game that had been given to us as a wedding present), which worked perfectly with our theme!

That night after the party was over Kevin and I sat down to soak our feet. After hours on our feet in shoes we weren’t use to, a good soak was exactly what we needed. As we were sitting there we started opening the cards.

I was/am shocked and amazed by people’s generosity and kindness. I was not expecting that. The love we received through people's words were outstanding and I am so thankful to be surrounded by such amazing people.

The fact that people honored our wish and were so generous, astounds me. And I am forever grateful.

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