21-Day Meditation Challenge

21-Day Meditation Challenge

A few weeks ago Love Maegan, posted about the 21-Day Meditation Challenge and I decided to go for it. My mind tends to do a lot of racing and I figured this might help. I have always found mediation to be my favorite part of yoga. But when you're doing it on your own I have a harder time getting there. The big difference? Yoga and this Challenge guided - having someone talk you to that point is wonderful. The challenge started Monday. To get ready for it. I gathered my yoga mat, my fuzzy blanket (I tend to get cold when deep breathing), a pillow to support my neck, my crackle candle, and of course my laptop to play the meditation.

Things to note so far - the pillow isn't quite right, I've switched to a rolled towel under the neck for support - I don't need the crackle candle, there's soft music - The first day it made my headache go away. I don't know if it was the deep breathing or taking the time to rest but I was happy because it was turning into a full-blown migraine and I hate those!

Now 2 days in and life happened, however I have managed to keep up. I love how meditation makes me feel and it has really helped me stay peaceful. At the end of each mediation they have questions and reflections you can do. I am not sure if I will always share and answer the questions or reflections! But I have answered a few days worth and thought them worth sharing.

Day 1 Questions - Write in your journal your vision of a successful life working in a creative position with control over my job/life environment - Make a list of three or four worthy goals be running 10km by year-end find a position that is fulfilling or allows me to continue building my creativity continue with Jesus Feminist project continue with blog business plan and expansion

- Describe how you are already living and actualizing certain part of your worthy goals I run a few time a week, not enough but it's building I review the business plan and am taking steps towards ensuring the blogs future I am review and making changes on the Jesus Feminist Project, it's not ready to be shared but it's building As for work... we shall see

Day 2 Questions - How do you express love in your work? Write down three ways you emotionally connect at your job. not working so this is a hard one to answer. But I want the blog to be my job. So I express love by sharing what I know and encouraging others in their journeys, by leaving positive comments and reaching out.

- Write about how you share the benefits of your success with those around you. Happier, fulfilled people with full realization - mostly in regard to the Jesus Feminist Project.

- Reflect on the affection you hold for those who share your passion and who are helping you succeed. Now write down three ways you can strengthen those connections. Make sure we chat and share more about ourselves than things related to the project. Be open and honest and trusting Allow room for growth, criticism, and adaptability on my side and theirs.

Day 3 Questions - I decided not to answer these questions because I just didn't have any answers for them and I am not sure how I feel about it. So I wanted to keep the questions and maybe one day, reflect back on them. Consider how much of your life is lived creatively, independent of past conditioning and old beliefs. Do you feel you are ready to let go of some of that conditioning and those constricting beliefs? Write down a description of yourself as a creative spirit who generates your personal reality from within. List some of the old thoughts, feelings, and attitudes you used to hold on to that limited your expression. Expand on this description of your creative self by envisioning yourself feeling new and energized each day, eager to embrace the unknown and the possibilities it may bring.

Do you mediate? What do you think of the questions? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Thursday! XOXO

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