21-Day Mediation Challenge

21-Day Mediation Challenge

The Challenge ended yesterday. Once you get the audio file you have 5 days to listen to it. So technically I still have a few days left. I really want to record the experience. Originally I tried doing it at the same time everyday. But as you know from my first post life get in the way and that didn't work. So I switched it up and started listening to it at night before bed. We have a blue tooth speaker in the bedroom so every night Kevin got to listen to it too. Each episode is either just over or just under twenty minutes long. Kevin and I have gone to bed late, really late. We would put the episode on. Sometimes I would make it through Deepak talk, sometimes not. It was an amazing way to relax and learn to breath again. I don't think the way Kevin and I are doing it is actually mediation. But as I said it an amazing way to relax and my ribs are better for the deep breathing.

Manifesting True Success is the name of this mediation experience. Oprah and Deepak doing the talking. The definition of SMART was a different version that what I had heard before

Stretch, more than you can reach Measurable, set reasonable goals Agreement, find others with your purpose Record, your progress Time, set a limit on your goals

While at this time I am not going to purchase the mediation, I do think I will continue using it as a way to relax before bed. There are a lot of amazing apps out there and I think I am going to search, see what I can find. Starting off with Calm, it's an app and a website. Which is perfect because the app means I can use it anywhere.

As you can tell I stopped doing the questions. They were interesting, but I really wanted to focus on relaxation, so that's what I did.

What do you think of mediation?

(P.S. I did end up buying the mediation because I couldn't find anything else that compared!)

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