Relationship Challenge - Oldies

The Freckled Fox is hosting a 14 day Relationship Challenge. I am definitely not doing all the prompts (Day 3: Turn on some oldies and slow dance together - not happening, we don't dance). But I thought it would be fun to do some. The first prompt is Day 1: Look through photos from your early days together, and revisit the memories

2005- This picture was taken December 31 2005. Two months before we were dating. Kevin had given me a Tinkerbell Belly Button Ring and we took the picture to remember. I have since lost that Tinkerbell ring :( but it is definitely not something I'll forget. Yea for camera phones

I can't find any pictures from 2006... I'll have to put a call out and see if the family has any

2007- This was in our first basement suite that we rented. I remember we were having game night and I didn't want my picture taken, the picture before this was of me giving the finger to the person with the camera.... My how far I've come.

Christmas 2008- we tried to put a green screen behind everyone so we could edit in a beautiful background. They turned out horribly, you can tell by my crappy edit I didn't get very far editing in a beautiful background. I wonder how my photoshop skills would hold up now.

2009 - We were going to the orchestra. I don't remember if this was our first time to the orchestra. I do know this was our first year in Calgary! Whenever we go to the Orchestra we make a big deal out of it and dress up!

2010- we went to the Zoo with our Friends Nicole and Drew. We had a blast. This is also when I was getting my hair professional colored by my current landlord's sister - she always did an amazing job but she was expensive

2011- this is one of my favorite pictures and for once it was Kevin taking the selfie and not me! We were going somewhere, I don't remember. But I do remember this was my favorite black shirt. I wore it until there were too many holes to cover.

2012- I love this picture! We were shopping for counter top granite for Kevin's parents house. We had jumped from store to store and this place wanted to make sure you were safe going out into the yard. So it was hard toe slip shoes, safety vests and helmets. That was a fabulous day with Kevin's family.

2013- I know this photo is bleary but we were attending a wedding and I put the camera on the car and did the self timer run back and forth thing. Then another guest walked by and I was too embarrassed to do another. But this wedding is where I met Megan and Zain and it was a lot of fun!

2014-I have two from 2014! One is from our trip to Cuba, because that trip was simply amazing!! And then our engagement photos! There are so many of them I love taking the opportunity to share them at any moment!

That is almost one picture per year we've been together. I am only missing 2006... wonder if I can find someone who has a photo from then.

Here is the rest of the prompts Day 1: Look through photos from your early days together, and revisit the memories Day 2: Plan a future getaway together (even it its years away) - don't leave out any details! Day 3: Turn on some oldies and slow dance together Day 4: Go the whole day without using sarcasm, correcting, interrupting, or complaining. Day 5: Sign up for a class together (cooking, pottery, photography, dancing) Day 6: Pay extra attention to their positive attributes today and actually point them out. Day 7: Spoon on the couch and watch a favorite TV Show or movie together. Day 8: Leave a sweet or romantic note somewhere they'll find it. Day 9: Do something active together like a hike, a run, or a trip to the gym. Day 10: Challenge each other to a board game. Day 11: Stay up really late just talking to each other. No distractions or technology. Day 12: Experiment in the kitchen together on something totally new. Day 13: Find a scenic location on a date night, and watch a sunset together. Day 14: Write a heart-felt letter to each other.

Let me know if you participate!!

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