The Rich Details

The Rich Details

The morning starts off with my alarm chirping cheerfully at 7:45. I am not one to get up immediately, instead I click the snooze button and roll over to find my snuggle buddy. At 7:55 when it chirps again I check instagram. By the time I'm through my feed I'm rolling up searching for my glasses and vivofit. The next few minutes are spent on personal grooming - pee, brush hair and teeth using different tools, of course, and perfecting the perfect winged liner. After trying on five outfits, it's out to the kitchen for food. The tea kettle is filled and set on, a soon to be hot burner. Yogurt, frozen berries and granola are tossed together in two bowls. A lunch is made in the final moments before the whistle begins to blow. A lemon squeezed, hot water poured, mugs and bowls are taken to the table to enjoy a few minutes of peace together.

Then comes the realization that it's 8:58 and we need to walk out the door in two minutes! My purse, full of books and electronics is thrown together. Three jackets are tossed on and off. There's a search for the perfect scarf, a lost cellphone and black sunglasses all happening in a span of moments. The final moment is when my darling locks the door as my keys are now at the bottom of my purse.

We say our goodbyes and walk our separate ways. The day is beautiful, my phone tells me it's -4, with my scarf wrapped around my head I decide to walk to the free train instead of paying the $3.15 to go one stop. It's a beautiful walk and it's something that should have taken me 20-25 minutes but takes 40.

At the free train I hop on and ride down the 4 needed stops, immediately pulling out my book. I almost miss the stop because the book is too good to pay attention. But I realize in time and hop off. I make my way through the beautiful park and past the restaurant, where Mr proposed.

I follow two ladies into the building to await the elevator. They surprise me by both turning around and exclaiming they love my hair, then whip back around without another word. They promptly ignored my thank you and don't make room for me on the tiny elevator. This elevator is old school, still needing an operator to run. She is a short gray haired lady, who is a whole foot shorter than me and yet still manages to pat my head and compliment my purple hair before letting me off.

Once inside I find the amazing woman who I am assisting and while I don't actually help her with any work today, she is kind and says I helped her lots. Two hours pass speedily and before I know it, I'm headed out. I head towards a coffee shop that last week I was too chicken to walk into. It's a busy little place, very modern and sells my favorite treat. I find a spot with a plug in and set up. Once my spot is saved, I head to the counter for Jasmine Tea in a cute red pot and a little grey mug.

The Rich Details

Here I wait to skype with a friend. Who, when she comes online, proceeds to tell me something beautiful. Twenty minutes later I take off my headphones to grab something and realize that my audio is coming from the laptop speakers and not threw my headphones. Everyone can hear my friend and I talking. I ask the gentlemen beside me how long that's been happening and he kindly informs me the whole time. He is also kind and says the audio doesn't travel far.

The Rich Details

I spend the next twenty minutes of my skype call chatting, self consciously, while trying to solve the problem. I solve it within moments of us disconnecting. However this opened up an interesting opportunity to chat with the gentleman beside me. I am usually to shy to say anything but we spend the next few minutes people observing and discussing the lack of plug ins. Apparently I have managed to steal the only one in the shop.

After two full pots of tea and three delicious macarons I decide it's time to head home. After saying goodbye to my table friend I head to the train and speed away home.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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